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H&R Block is the biggest competitor to TurboTax in terms of individual tax preparation.

Now with that said, they are not a gigantic competitor in the do-it-yourself tax software market though there products are quite competitive. However, when you throw professional tax preparation into the mix, they are the worlds dominant professional tax preparation factor with offices saturated throughout the nation, and overseas.

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TurboTax offers lower on sale prices that can help you reduce their normally highest prices of the tax software marketplace. TurboTax 2020 growth predictions indicate more increase in market share.

The TurboTax product line is the most popular and widely used list of tax preparation programs on the market. This is a position that they have held year after year. However, they do tend to squeeze consumers for more money with their top tier pricing.

With that said, they do offer discounts at times but generally do not calculate out to more savings than you can find on other top brand names like HR Block and TaxAct.

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TaxAct reduced price savings make them out to be the David in the Goliath scene. While they don't muster up the following that TurboTax and H&R Block do, they certainly are throwing rocks and making greater headway each and every year.

Knocking down their top brand competitors is not an easy task in this mega multi billion dollar industry. Nevertheless, TaxAct is storming forward in this battle and concurring more ground every year to become a substantial force of their own in the online tax preparation marketplace.