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TaxAct 2020 Discounts

Keeping the costs down during the tax season can't be easier than it is with TaxAct. With their product line already marked down to bargain prices from the start, it's hard to find a better deal based on price alone .

TaxAct tax preparation software can get taxpayers through the tax preparation process for a low low low fee that will barely be noticeable to your wallet.

TaxAct Tax Software All Time Discount Rates are at standard prices that make the competitors look like they are charging a fortune comparatively!

With TaxAct Prices their discounts are built in from the start of the tax season to the end.

The most popular edition TaxAct Plus helps you Maximize Tax Credits and Deductions for the Biggest tax refund outcome.

  • Maximize your credits and deductions By accessing more than 300 tax deductions and credits to see what you can qualify for.
  • Track you charitable donations to maximize your tax deductions. Use their Donation Assistant® to track and report these charitable contributions and get audit backed values for over 1,300 items.
  • TaxAct makes it easy to report investment and rental income as well as support to help you get the biggest tax breaks from your mortgage interest, investments and charitable giving.

TaxAct Discount Savings

TaxAct Discount Savings are standard in their low low pricing that runs all season long. No hunting or surfing to find the best deal. It's all right here from the start.

TaxAct 2020 Tax Software Programs

TaxAct Tax Software programs are up and coming competitors to the top bands and they include:

turbotax-forwardTaxAct Free Edition

Try the TaxAct Free Edition, the right choice for simple tax returns, includes free state (1040 EZ/A) $0 Federal + $0 State

turbotax-forwardTaxAct Basic Edition

Try the TaxAct 2020 Basic Edition $9.99 super value price. This edition will import prior year tax data, and includes unlimited phone support (1040 EZ/A) Just $9.99 - State Additional

turbotax-forwardTaxAct Plus Edition

Stepping up the power with the TaxAct 2020 Plus Edition $14.99 Low Price. This edition is best for itemized returns, homeowners and investors. Get it Now for $14.99 - State Additional

turbotax-forwardTaxAct Premium Edition

Fireup the big guns with the TaxAct 2020 Premium Edition $19.99 Bargain Price. The Premium Edition is perfect for self-employed, contractors and freelancers. Just $19.99