Buy Tax Software at Discount Savings for 2018 - 2019

TurboTax Premier Edition 2019

Step up to full control of your investments with the TurboTax Premier Edition. This just happens to be the cats meow for guidance with reporting income and expenses that are associated with your investment accounts and properties.

Keeping track of the financial aspects of investments can be a full time job in-of-itself, so a tax product that simplifies this process can be welcomed whole heartedly by many investment minded tax filers.

Many responsibilities for proper reporting to the IRS come with these investments. If you don't get it right the first time, you could find yourself being burdened with penalties and interest charges from the Internal Revenue Service.

TurboTax 2019 Premier Edition Discount

Knocking down the costs associated with tax season starts with the right tax software, and the right bargain price deal on that tax software choice.

With a TurboTax Premier Discount right up front on your tax software purchase, it's a great start to tax season savings that you can take to the bank.

As an investment minded taxpayer this is something that will make a lot of sense for keeping your finances on track, and on budget!

Once that transaction is completed you can focus your attention on lowering your overall tax bill with tax deductions you can apply to your investments.

TurboTax Premier Edition Features:

Get everything from the Deluxe and previous Editions and More!

  • Rental Depreciation Support: Simplify reporting your rental property income, expenses, and depreciation so that you get the biggest tax deduction on these properties. Calculate gains and deduct investment losses as they apply to your properties. Discover tax-saving rental property deductions and tips for reporting rental income. TurboTax Premier locates over 20 tax deductions for landlords including travel, advertising, repairs, insurance, and more to maximize tax savings.
  • Investment Reporting: Top notch support for reporting stocks, bonds, options, and mutual funds, plus advice for depreciation and other business deductions. Are you a beneficiary of an estate or trust (received a K-1 form). TurboTax Premier calculates gains while helping you deduct investment losses.  Properly report sales from employee stock purchase plans (ESPP) and import your investment information directly from your financial institution.
  • Error Checks: TurboTax double-checks accuracy for you and makes sure your not missing anything before you file.

Investment Tax Law Rules and Regulations

Let TurboTax Premier Edition guide you through the trials and tribulations of how the tax law system effects your taxes so that you don't end up in the dog house with Uncle Sam.